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"The Blue" Durable Designer Dog Lead (No.01m)

"The Blue" Durable Designer Dog Lead (No.01m)

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This handcrafted designer dog collar is the perfect balance between practicality and style, suitable for medium-sized dog breeds. With a width of 20mm and metal hardware of the same measurement, it can also be tailored for larger dogs, although the strength of the hardware increases with size. Some customers prefer thinner designs, using the collar only for style or to attach their pet's tags.



Finnigan's offers a selection of unique and high-quality, handmade Designer Collars and Leads that are suitable for daily wear. The practicality and sturdiness of these products is second to none, as well as their elegant, eye-catching designs. Customers are given a broad array of fabrics to choose from. This Lead is made with strong webbing and aluminium fittings, finely crafted with 100% cotton and an interfacing inner for longevity.




Equip your furry friend with a custom engraved collar buckle and showcase a personal style! Constructed using lightweight yet durable aluminium, these buckles feature Fibre Laser engraving for noticeable precision and clarity.

Size Chart

Note: Please measure your pet before placing your order, to ensure you ordering the correct size.

Dog Neck Sizes:

Small: Neck Size 10.5-16.5” (26-42cm)

Medium: Neck Size 12.5-19.5” (31-50cm)

Large: Neck Size 15-23.5” (38-60cm)




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