About Us

Mali’s Corner was established with the pure desire to give all our furry best friends’ their peak of fun through different toys and gadgets.

After we became dog owners and Mali entered our home and hearts, it has been the highlight of the week to bring surprises for Mali. To see the sheer joy in Mali whenever she got a new toy made us think. We found toys and pet supplies available worldwide but sadly unavailable for us to buy as most stores carry specific brands, and if we operated as a business we could get access to so many more brands with all their different products. So, this is what sparked our store. We wanted to create a community and a market place where pet owners get access to the variety of the products available worldwide and not just limited to what your nearest and current pet shop offers or the ‘usual’ products in your country. We want to be the unique place where you can find unique products for your family member.

We trawl the market to find the products from different corners of the world and make it easily available for you, right here.

We believe that every dog and cat deserve eyes-, ears- and nose- catching toys and gadgets that stimulates them and provide them with the exercise, stimulation and play time they deserve and need. Our store gives mom and dad a lot of options.

We are collaborating with different manufacturers all over the world so that you can pick and choose between what’s actually out there- just waiting to be grabbed by the mouth, ran and thrown around with.

We give you exciting products to reasonable prices, delivered to your address. The prices are kept low as our suppliers ship directly to you from their warehouse. Mali’s Corner has pack members around the world and welcomes you to join.

If you sign up as a Member of the Pack of Mali’s Corner you will receive news about new products, discounts, and a check in from Mali.


Shipping Terms

Our partners operate with individual shipping terms and times, but as we view it- shipping time is the time it takes for the product to leave the supplier’s warehouse and reach your hands. We work to keep the times as speedy and rational we can.


Mali's Corner is a part of Anchored Group AS.