The launch

Finally- we’re here!

Thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes to read this, and for getting to know us. We and Mali have dreamt of this day for so long and as we’re writing this little blog for all you guys, Mali is laying beside us snoring and content of her day. She was on an adventure outside today and as the snow has melted there is A LOT of ground to cover sniffing and checking out the scene. What can be lurking down in the grass? Who was here before me? After her walk she has had precious play time with her kong, several of her fluffy friends and some indoor training. Including running off with some laundry and hiding under the table and accompanying us throughout the day.

It was because of this, the new type of day and the responsibility we bear as her parents to provide her with both mental and physical stimuli, that we felt and saw the need to create our own little space for people in the same place as us. All of you guys. Let’s be honest- having a dog entails a great level of commitment and in turn our family members give us so much love back, and they need to be entertained and educated through their days. Therefore we wanted to give you more options. We’ve seen some of what the world has to offer of different dog toys, gadgets for you as a parent and things that is simply cool to have and practical to have, and we have collected them all in one place. Here with us. We want to wash out the world’s borders and offer you products your local pup shop probably doesn’t have. For example, instead of the regular black, brown, grey colored leads, we want to highlight the varieties excellent producers have made of leads and collars. Most of them are handmade, durable strong leads, colorful (why not have a lead that matches the season you’re in) and easy to clean. Look at our collection and see for yourself. Spice up your walks, add some color between you and you pup!

We hope you’ll continue to stop by when you feel for rewarding your furry friend with a new toy. We will continue to provide you with what you need and also give some tips along the way. Follow us on our social media for updates and sign up for our newsletters and get valuable discounts.

We’re very excited for the path forward and thank you for coming along. And we know, Mali appreciates the love as well.

Take care and love on your dogs and cats!

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