A tip from one dog owner to another

Did you know that you can provide comfort for your dog through putting on music? We’ve experienced that Mali really benefits from different types of calming music and have made some playlists on Spotify especially for her. We play these when we go to bed, when she needs to relax or just because.. Since we live by sharing is caring, we want you to know this as well and perhaps you can give it a go and see if your perfectly fantastic pup responds. Here are some actual facts about playing music for your dog:

  1. Stress reduction: Just like humans, dogs can experience stress and anxiety. Calm music has a soothing effect on dogs and can help reduce their stress levels. It promotes relaxation and creates a peaceful environment, which can be particularly helpful in situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or when dogs are left alone.
  2. Anxiety relief: Dogs with separation anxiety or general anxiety can benefit from calm music. The soothing melodies and rhythms can help distract them from their worries and create a sense of security. It can also provide a comforting background noise that masks other sounds that might trigger their anxiety.
  3. Promotes sleep: Calm music can have a sedative effect on dogs, helping them fall asleep and promoting better quality sleep. Playing calming music in the background during bedtime or naptime can create a peaceful atmosphere that facilitates relaxation and restfulness.
  4. Noise desensitization: Dogs that are sensitive to loud noises, such as thunder or construction sounds, can benefit from exposure to calm music. By gradually exposing them to soothing melodies, it can help desensitize them to sudden or alarming noises, reducing their fear or anxiety response.
  5. Behavior management: Dogs with behavioral issues, such as excessive barking or hyperactivity, can benefit from the calming influence of music. Soft, gentle tunes can help them relax and redirect their focus away from negative behaviors. It can serve as a positive distraction and contribute to overall behavior management.
  6. Bonding and companionship: Listening to calm music with your dog can be a shared experience that strengthens the bond between you. It provides an opportunity for quality time together, promoting a sense of companionship and security.

When using calm music for dogs, it's important to select appropriate music specifically designed for them. There are various playlists, CDs, and streaming services available that offer specially composed music for dogs, incorporating elements like soothing melodies, soft instrumentals, and natural sounds.

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